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What’s the application of the motorized sprayer?

Directed at Household, Lawn/Garden, Automotive/Marin and Pets care etc.

Sprayer motor does not run?

Check batteries for correct polarity in the battery hatch inside the handle.

Sprayer motor runs but does not spray?

Twist nozzle to open, lower the sprayer below the level of the fluid in tank to assist primping.

Does it work with my formula?

This sprayer offer various compatibility with most formula and support viscosity characteristics range from 1cps up to about 500cps.

Does it required to flush with water after each use?

It is a MUST to flush sprayer thoroughly with water while pressing trigger after each use. DO NOT continuously spray for more than 20 seconds, 5 seconds break is required between each spray.


This sprayer is not Child-resistant.